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In this article, we will learn how to create a drop-down list with colours in Microsoft Excel.
The drop-down menu restricts the user to select a value from the provided list instead of adding the values ​​to the sheet.

Complete Drop Down training video

We will use conditional formatting and data validation options. First, let’s understand how to create a drop-down list in Excel with an example here

Here is a list of three colours Red, Green and Blue. We need that the user to select from this list.
Click Data > Data Validation option in Excel 2016

The Data Validation dialogue box appears as shown above.

Select the option List in Allow and select the source list in the Source option and click OK.
A dropdown list will be created on the cell.

Now click Home > Conditional formatting. Select New rule from the list and a dialog box will appear.

Select the Specific Text option and select the cell for colour as in this case Red.

Select Format > Fill option. Select the Red colour and click OK.

Repeat the process for all the options like Green and Blue and your list will be shown below snapshot.

How to Delete Drop Down List in Microsoft Excel

To delete or remove an already existing dropdown list. Just follow the simple steps as shown below.

Using the Data validation option we can remove the dropdown list

Select the cell where you wish to remove the dropdown list.

Go to Data > Data Validation
Select the Clear All option in the Data Validation dialogue box and Click OK. 

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